Current Projects

Cast Materials

181  Thin Wall Al and Mg
182  SSM 206 Alloy
183  Standards and Transitions
195  Zinc Creep Sensitivity to Section Thickness
200  ALMII Thin Wall Aluminum
203 High Ductility Conventional A360 Die Castings
204 Further Increasing the Strength of T6 Heat Treated Low-Iron Al-Si-Cu-Mg Alloys
208 Manufacturing of Nanoparticle Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites
211 Properties Versus Section Thickness

Computer Modeling and Design Aids

178  Modeling Heat Removal by Die Spray Consortium
198  UAB MMOD Design

Die Materials

188  Cavitation Measurement using ABS (Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer)
194  Cores with Conformal Cooling
213 Rapid Creation of Tooling with Conformal Cooling

Die Surface Engineering

189  Diffusion Bonding of Coatings
199  Multilayer Coatings for Service Life Extension 
207 Investigation and Evaluation of Coating and Surface Treatment Performance
214 Advanced Engineered Coatings with Extended Life for Tooling

Process Technologies

179  Lube Free Die Casting
192  Methods for Evaluation of Die Lubricants Used in Al Die Casting
193  Evaluation of Pulsed Spray
197  Roadmapping for the Metalcasting Industry
201  Purdue Die Spray Study
205 On-Demand Melting
206 Structural Aluminum Casting Riveting Investigation
209 Splash Test
210 Develop a Better Performance Refractory for Aluminum Die Casters
212 On Demand Casting of Net-Shape Titanium
215 High Pressure Die Casting Process Simulation Development for the Shop Floor
216 Solder is a Symptom of Die Casting Sticking
217 An Initial Evaluation of the Capabilities of CT Scanning
218 High Ductility Die Castings – Part II


Project Manager
Andy Ryzner
Athena Catlett
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Stephen Udvardy
Andy Ryzner
Education & Meetings Manager
Director of Research, Education and Technology
Athena Catlett
Advertising & Promotions Manager