The NADCA Certification Program is an independent verification of assessed knowledge. The Program also defines the educational course requirements for achieving specific Certification Levels.  The certificate that is extended upon successful fulfillment of the requirements for a specific level is not a license. It is recognition of proficiency within the defined goal of examination material, with knowledge being gained through educational programs and practiced through application. Each candidate is required to pass the specified examinations and fulfill the minimum apprenticeship period to become certified. Certification is effective for three years. Maintenance of certification or re-certification is as described under General Procedures and Issues. 

The North American Die Casting Association Certification Program is divided into three levels. 

Examination Procedures
? Level I, Level II and Level III examinations are to be taken online. 
? Examinations will usually be open book.
? Examination questions will be prepared by NADCA staff and approved by the Education Committee. Each examination will normally consist of multiple choice or true/false questions. 
? For standard examinations, a passing grade of 70% is required.
? Examinations may be taken a maximum of three times.
? "Waiver by Examination." A candidate may sit for an examination from any level, where he/she feels his/her experience and education precludes a NADCA course. A one-time attempt to pass the examination is authorized. The passing grade is 80%–RETAKES will not APPLY. All examination questions presented at the time of the exam will apply. Also, the examination fee applies to the "Waiver By Examination" option.
Candidates’ Responsibilities and Examination Fees
1. Examinations will be conducted online.  Once they are purchased the individual has 7 days to complete the test.
2. The fees for EXAMINATIONS ONLY are as follows:
  ? Level I Exams:
     NADCA Members (Corp. & Individual): $50.00 each
     Non-Members: $150.00 each
  ? Level II and Level III Exams:
     NADCA Members (Corp. & Individual): $100 each
     Non-Members: $200 each
4. Each candidate is responsible for his or her own study and examination preparation. To aid the candidate, NADCA offers live webinars and online courses. Training is available through in-plants, at chapters, and suitable publications.
5. Candidates are requested to contact their respective Chapter Education Chairperson or their company’s in-house trainer or education coordinator. Please advise this individual of your needs and intentions. The Chapter or your company is your contact point for testing and instruction. 

General Procedures and Issues

? The NADCA Education Committee is responsible for all aspects of control and regulation of the certification program.
? The NADCA Headquarters’ Education office will maintain accurate and confidential records of courses attended, examination score results, and all other pertinent data.
? Online testing results are automatically computed and provided on screen and via e-mail. Simultaneously, the test grade will be e-mailed to NADCA and included in NADCA's records. 
? Course certificates of completion are provided automatically to candidates in the online education system.  Course certificates of completion for instructor led courses are emailed within one week of the course.
? Certification Level certificates are emailed within one week of the level competition and passing exam grade.
? Names of Certified individuals will be published in Die Casting Engineer Magazine, on NADCA’s web page and in NADCA’s E-newsletter. If a candidate chooses to opt out of this please notify NADCA.
? Appeals should be made in writing to the Chairperson of the NADCA Education Committee.
? Certification is effective for three years from the date of issuance of the Certificate. In order to maintain certification, individuals must provide proof of continuing education through attendance at NADCA courses, college courses, adult education courses, webinars or technical sessions at the NADCA Die Casting Congress & Exposition/Tabletop or Chapter meetings. Individuals must have attended a minimum of two courses or nine technical sessions within the three years of their certification.
? Individuals, such as management and sales personnel, who do not have an opportunity to participate in a hands-on fashion via an apprenticeship program or on-the-job-training and thus, cannot fulfill the requirements for standard certification, can receive an Associate Certification for any level upon successful completion of the examinations required for the applicable level.
? The certification requirements and procedures may be changed at any time without any written or previous notice to the candidates. The most recent changes and corrections will apply in all classes.

For more information regarding certification, or NADCA's Education Program in general, please write, phone or fax:
Paul Brancaleon, Director
Research, Education & Technology
Melisa Ryzner, CMP
Education & Meetings Manager
P: 847.279.0001 ?  Fax: 847.279.0002



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Andy Ryzner
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